‘Club Mobile’ 3 x 20secs commissioned by BDH/TBWA, July 2000
‘Persil Revive’ 1 min 30secs commissioned by Modem Media, Dec 2000
‘Orange’ 3 x 30secs commissioned by Paradiso Productions, June 2001
‘Traveline’ 3 x 20secs commissioned by Rainy Kelly/COI, March 2002
‘HVB’ 50secs commissioned by Independent Films, August 2002
‘AXA’ Insurance’ 2 x 1min commissioned by JWT, July 2004

Music Videos:

‘Metal Fingers in my Body’ ADD’N’TO(X), Mute Records, March 1999
Winner ‘Best Animated Music Video ‘The New York Music Video Festival, Dec 1999
‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?’ Moby, Mute Records, Sept 1999
Winner, ‘Best International Music Video’ Viva Music Awards, Germany, Sept 2000
Winner, ‘Best Animated Music Video’ World Animation Celebration, LA, June 2000
‘Natural Blues’ Moby, Mute Records, March 2000
‘Transnavigation’ Gintere, Parlaohone /EMI, May 2000
‘Beauty Dies Young’ Lowgold, Nude Records, Sept 2000
‘Mercury’ Lowgold, Nude Records, Dec 2000
‘How You Like That!’ DJ Tomik, Ministry of Sound, Dec 2002

Stings and Fillers:

Greenpeace clip for a promotional film directed by Julian Temple, Oct 2000
BBC News 24 intro, March 2001

Short Films:

‘The Party’ RCA, 1997

In competition:
International Animation Film Festival, Fantoche 1998

‘At the Drop of a Hat’ RCA, 1998
Winner: Best Colour Film, The International Student Animation Festival, Ottawa 1999
In competition: Festival of Animated film, Studgartt 2000
Kyoto Animation Festival, Kyoto 2000

‘TEMP’ Blackwatch Productions for Channel 4, July 2007
In competition:
Edinburgh International Film Festival 07
Cortoons International Short Animated Film Festival 08
Animafest, 18th World Festival Of Animated Film 08
Shortwave Film Festival 08
Stolac Short Film Festival 08
London International Animation Festival 08
Animasyros 1.0 International Animation Festival 08
Anilogue International Animation Festival 08
Message To Man Film Festival St Petersburg 09